Young man to the devil: “How did you manage to send so many people to hell?”
• The devil: “Through fear.”
• The young man: – Good for you! And what were they afraid of? Wars? Hunger?
• The devil: – No … Illness.
• The young man: “Did they get sick? Did they die? Was there no cure?”
• The devil: “They didn’t get sick. They just died. And there was a cure …”
The young man: – “I do not understand…”
The devil: “They believed that the only thing they had to keep at all costs was Life!”
• They stopped hugging, stopped greeting each other. They left all human contacts … They left everything that was human!
They ran out of money.
They lost their jobs.
They chose to fear for their lives, even if they had nothing to eat.
They believed what they heard, read newspapers, and blindly believed they were reading the truth.
They gave up their freedom.
They never left their home again.
They didn’t go anywhere.
They never visited friends and family again.
The whole world has become a huge prison with convicted volunteers.
They voluntarily accepted everything! All this to experience another miserable day …
They did not live, they died every day! It was too
easy to take away their miserable souls … ”
~ CS Lewis, “Letters to the Soulmaster” (1942)