Holy 💩 so funny!! #snapchat

I’m watching the game on #nye with my future wife.

So cold in #Wisconsin !


My Last rant before 2024 | i3xCx

Why is it so hard to open this #battery ??

#bluesky #butterfly #code

Good night! 🌙

Yes, we CAN!! About Mavrick Fisher Martin | i3xCx

What up everyone?

Morning… ☕️

Sunday… lazy day.. hope y’all have a good one!!

Good morning ☀️ ☕️

I am so screwed.. | i3xCx youtu.be/Ane9sF9tp…

Half of million views…

I wanna order 600 taco 🌮 bell! Oh wait! I can’t! Because my bank won’t let me spend over 1000 dollar my card! Damn I am hungry!!! #usbank

Good morning! ☕️ I am very disappointed with #usbank my spending limited is 1000 dollar which mean I can’t buy new Mac or flight tickets etc for one year because @usbank wanna build a relationship first! 🙄 so now I can’t buy flight ticket to see my son in Germany 🇩🇪 because US bank wanna build the relationship first!

True story “Good morning” ASL | i3xCx youtu.be/xpnImOP8c…

Good morning! ☕️

Who remember this?? #AOL #dailup #pc

Good morning! ☕️ I feel a lot better then yesterday morning!

good night! 🌙

Thank you!!! | i3xCx youtu.be/WwFXcRUFd…